How can I place an order?

Order envelopes will be provided to your Club approximately 7-10 days prior to our shoot. Clubs are asked to distribute these forms to parents and families in the lead up to their child’s schedule photo date. Orders can also be placed on the day at the time of the photoshoot by handing your completed form directly to our admin staff. All orders placed after the day of the shoot will incur an additional $8.95 postage and handling fee.

How do I collect my order?

If you pre-order or place an order on the day, your images will be packaged and sent to the Club for distribution. All orders for standard Club photoshoots will be delivered within 5-6 weeks of the shoot. Orders placed after the shoot will pay extra for postage and be sent directly to the customer via Registered Post. Please note that post-orders may be considerably delayed as they will not be processed with the bulk Club orders.

Why is there a surcharge for credit card orders?

For us to be able to offer credit card facilities, we need to pay merchant fees. The additional fee for credit card is charged by the bank and allows us to continue to provide the most convenient payment methods available.

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