What does my team need to do before our photo shoot?

Please make sure that your Club or Team Manager distributes the order forms to all families at least 7 days prior to your session. All members wishing to place an order will need to hand in their completed envelopes at the time of the shoot.

What time does my team need to arrive?

We ask that teams (including all coaching staff) are on-site 10 minutes prior to your allocated shoot time. This allows us to collect order forms, arrange our shooting order and ensure we can get all teams in and out on time.

What do the players need to bring on the day?

Please ensure that players bring their order forms and come dressed in their full playing uniform, including playing footwear. We would also encourage all support staff appearing in the photo to be in a club shirt if applicable.

My son/daughter missed their photo session. What can I do?

In order to accommodate the large number of teams attending Club photos on any given day, we need to adhere to a very strict timeline that is often planned weeks in advance. If a player or team does not attend their allocated session time, we cannot guarantee a re-shoot or an alternate time. In addition, any orders placed for a team or individual that does not attend their allocated session time will not be refunded.

Can you Photoshop in players who are absent on the day?

Unfortunately not. Any players absent at the time of the shoot can have their name included on the image but unfortunately we cannot insert people in post-production. There are multiple reasons for this. If you would like a more detailed explanation of this policy, please ask.

Can we proof images before they are printed?

All team managers will be emailed a proof copy of the team photo before it goes to print. We ask that they check the spelling of all names and make sure each name is aligned with the with the right players.